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Rome, Italy is one of the most magical and enchanting cities in the entire world. Coming here is like stepping into an ancient story book flooded with history, beauty, and culture unlike anything else. 
No matter where one is in Italy, they will be surrounded by history that surpasses imagination, but Rome blows everywhere else out of the water. The culture here is so rich and historically centered that it's almost overwhelming. From The Vatican to the Colosseum, there are enough sites to see to last a lifetime. Rome is a city that will keep calling you back no matter how many times you return.
The Colosseum:
Last time I visited Rome, I stayed in an AirBnb right across from the Colosseum. In fact, you can probably see the building in this photo! Obviously, the Colosseum is one of, if not, the biggest tourist attraction in Rome. Book you tickets in advance and get there early. The line can become long and in the summer the temperature often exceeds 100 degrees fahrenheit - be prepared. Water, water, water! I have also been here in March during what seemed like end of the low season, and it was still relatively crowded. Do not miss seeing this landmark and be sure to take the time to go inside! 
Colosseum Rome
Colosseum interior
Outside Colosseum Colosseum 2
The Arch of Constantine & The Forum:
This incredible arch stands tall next to The Colosseum. In most wide angled photos, you can see both of these ancient landmarks. The first time I visited Rome, we used a tour company to guide us through The Forum and it included a visit and description of this arch. You can also just walk up to it and enjoy its beauty. 
The forum is just over the hill on the right of the arch. You'll need to pass through Palatine Hill to reach The Forum, but you wouldn't want to miss that either. ;) It's almost impossible to fully comprehend the history that has taken place in this area of Rome and just how long ago it really was. I could come and see this on every future visit and still learn something entirely new. 
Arch3 Arch2
Palatine Hill
Forum5 Forum6
The Vatican & Vicinity:
The Vatican requires a whole day to fully explore and see. There is The Vatican Plaza, the Vatican Museums, The Sistine Chapel, St. Peter's Basilica & more. The Vatican Museums alone could take an entire day to really take in. We visited on a Sunday during my first trip to Rome and saw The Pope speak from his window in the plaza which was wonderful! 
Vatican Rome
The Trevi Fountain:
This is one of my favorite photos from Rome. The Trevi Fountain is one of the most stunning pieces of architecture I have seen throughout all of my travels. I still fantasize about the Fendi fashion show that was held on this fountain in 2016. I always picture the models floating over the water dressed by one of the most iconic houses of Italy and none other than Karl Lagerfeld. I associate so much magic with this fountain and I think it was perfectly captured here.
The Borghese Gardens & Villa Borghese:
These gardens are located in the northern part of Rome. I love coming here in the mornings, grabbing a cappuccino, and strolling the paths through the gardens and museums. You can also rent a double seater bike or a scooter, as well as a little boat for the pond. It's wonderful here in the spring and summer and is one of my favorite parts of Rome. Some of the best views of the city are from lookouts in the gardens.
The garden gets its name from the Borghese family, who also owned Villa Borghese, which is now an extremely unique museum open to park visitors. Last time I was there, you had to book with a tour guide to enter it because it operates on a very strict time schedule. If you visit the museum you'll see why... ;)
View of Borghese
Trastevere, Rome
This vibrant & young neighborhood is across the Tiber River from most of the tourist attractions and ancient landmarks, but is a MUST SEE on any trip to Rome. I wish I had more photos from this area, but I think I was too busy taking it all in and probably having a little too much wine... oops! The restaurant and bar scene in Trastevere is super unique and so much fun. The views across the river can't be beat with views of The Vatican dome from practically every angle.
Planning my next trip to Rome now...!

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