The Story.

Vogelle was founded on the principles of simplicity, adventure, curiosity, and quality. Our founder, Laura Vogel, started Vogelle when she was studying as an exchange student in Milan, Italy during college.

Originally from Colorado, Laura spent her formative years in the modeling industry which allowed her to see the fashion world up close and behind the scenes. It was during this time that Laura realized she wanted to start her own fashion brand one day.

Milan, Italy
Bellagio - Lake Como, Italy

During her time in Milan, Laura had the opportunity to explore Italy in-depth. She witnessed the iconic women’s fashion style in Italy and studied the craftsmanship and quality of goods available throughout the country.

The shoulder bag style was making its way back into the forefront of fashion while simultaneously Laura began meeting with manufacturers throughout northern Italy.

After months spent finding the right manufacturer, Laura brought her first design to life with our current manufacturing team in Milan.

Designing Handbags in Italy

This first design became the Original Shoulder Bag which has become our best-selling collection and a staple to the brand. 

Vogelle leather shoulder bags

Due to the handmade nature of our designs, our collections are made in small batches and often sell out quickly after being released. 

Without the combination of fashion, curiosity, travel, Italian craftsmanship, and risk taking, Vogelle would not be a brand today. Laura encourages her customers to take their leap of faith, whatever it may be. You never know what’s waiting for you on the other side.

Where will your Vogelle bag take you?

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