Shoulder Bag Styling - Fall/Winter

It's October already?! Let's talk styling.

The fashion world is shifting towards smaller purses and this can be seen in the bags being rolled out by the world's leading fashion houses. Let's face it, the days of digging through your huge purse looking for your car keys or lip gloss are over (thank goodness). 

Being the creator of Vogelle, I find it second nature to tie my shoulder bags into every single outfit. I have not worn a purse other than my Vogelle shoulder bags since summer of 2019, nor have I needed to. Trust me when I say, these bags are beyond versatile and are not defined by a season - at all.

If you're wondering how to incorporate your Vogelle into your fall/winter wardrobe look no further. 

We've seen Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, and the high fashion magazines blow up with the reimagined 90's baguette bag style throughout 2020, but as the weather starts to wind down and we throw on our chunkiest pieces, basic styling must be reimagined. 

Bella Hadid Vogelle Shoulder Bag

Example number one is by the one and only style trailblazer: Bella Hadid. Hadid is one of the first supermodels/celebrity influencers to make the shoulder bag a wardrobe staple again almost a year ago. For this look snag the Vogelle original black bag  a sweater dress with a pop of color, and leather booties. The leather booties tagged can be seen in the most recent Vogelle photoshoot and I wear them all the time

I'll be linking our Vogelle black original bag a lot in this post because it's the perfect bag for the season. It's extremely simple and minimal, but completely elevates any outfit. The thick strap, which is on all of the Vogelle bags, stands out on any sweater or blazer. If you want to spice up your look even more, the chain collection is perfect for that. 

Sweater Vest & Shoulder Bag

Shoulder Bag Styling

And we have the sweater vest! I could not be more thrilled that this look is back in style. It's cute, edgy, sophisticated, vintage, casual, chic... it's everything. Pairing a sweater vest with a white shoulder bag is fabulous. White accessories are the perfect way to add a pop to a muted outfit. You can find sweater vests at every price range and in any color. Storets, Mango, Acne Studios, to name a few. Throw a white poplin shirt underneath, wide leg jeans, a white Vogelle, and you're golden. 

Vogelle Styling - Blazer

Oversized Everything. This oversized, baggy boyfriend look is a FW 2020 staple. Oversized blazers and a shoulder bag is the way to go. I specifically designed the chain collection with anticipation of this oversized trend really taking off. With all of the wonderful monochromatic, oversized looks consuming the fashion world, I figured we would need an accessory "pop" to balance it out and catch some eyes. 

I've loved seeing bloggers and influencers pair shoulder bags that resemble the Vogelle original collection with their oversized looks as well. It goes to show that this bag shape truly goes with every look. From hoodies, to blazers, to white t-shirts, you simply can't go wrong with a nice shoulder bag. 

Monika Clarke Style

With everything going on during this crazy year that is 2020, we are wearing loungewear practically 24/7. The stunning Australian model, Monika Clarke shows us all how to elevate a loungewear look in NYC. She's pictured wearing a black hoodie, black biker shorts, and a Vogelle black chain bag. Getting this look immediately...

Shoulder Bag Styling

Here's another take on the loungewear/streetwear aesthetic. This is where I'd break out either the black chain or black original bag. The green chain bag would look fabulous here if you're looking to make even more of a statement.  

Oversized sweaters. This look is from my F/W shoot with photographer Amanda Tromp. I wanted to capture the versatility of the shoulder bags as we transition in seasons. The green shade is can not be topped when it comes to styling earthy-toned pieces. I find that high-neck tops are always so classy and you absolutely can not go wrong with a sweater like this. I've been pairing my Vogelle bags with tons of looks like this lately and love seeing how the Vogelle influencers are styling their bags throughout the country. 


From streetwear casual to baggy business chic, shoulder bags are the ultimate addition. All of the Vogelle styles and colors were made to be carried throughout the year. Not one of the bags have a specific season or outfit. Let's make this season a stylish one ;) 

- Laura Vogel 



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