Travel with Your Vogelle Bag

Green Chain Shoulder Bag at the Trevi Fountain
Our shoulder bag design was created specifically to be small, timeless, simple, and secure. While living in Milan in 2019, I noticed how practical this design was for traveling around the city and using public transport. 
With the Vogelle shoulder bag, you don't have to think twice about if your items are secure or not. 
Vogelle OOTD
With the zipper so tight under the arm, no one can reach into your bag when you aren't looking.
Bring this bag with you on the metro and don't worry about a thing.
Vatican with Vogelle
Another huge perk: The Vogelle Shoulder Bag complies with most bag size guidelines at major museums.
I brought my Vogelle to the Vatican Museums today in Rome, Italy and had no problem bringing it through the security checkpoints! 
Vatican Vogelle in Rome
Ciao for Now!
- Laura xx

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