Amelia Collection - The Design Process

Amelia Vogelle Collection

Say hello to our most sophisticated design yet.

Since the launch of Vogelle in February of 2020, customers from all over the world have been asking if there would soon be a crossbody bag introduced to the Vogelle line. This was quickly moved to the front of the design roadmap for Vogelle.

Every bag in this collection comes with both an adjustable crossbody strap (120cm at maximum length) and a messenger strap (60cm). They are interchangeable through the gold clasps that were also used in our Limited Edition Collection.

Amelia Taupe Bag

Taupe Crossbody Bag

Taupe Messenger Bag


White Crossbody Amelia Bag


Amelia Messenger Bag

Amelia Messenger Bag



I started the prototype process for this collection back in June of 2020 at about the same time that I launched the Chain Shoulder Bag Collection. My first crossbody prototype was actually featured in the August issue of Cherry Creek Fashion here in Denver, CO. (photos below) See the Vogelle article here: Cherry Creek Fashion by Esther Lee Leach

Cherry Creek Fashion - Vogelle


For the next prototype, I pulled inspiration from various runway presentations in Milan, Paris, and New York, as well as reflecting back on styles from years past. I knew from the beginning that I wanted this bag to have the option to be both a messenger bag (~60 cm) and a crossbody bag (~120 cm). I also wanted a more sleek look regarding the front flap of the bag. I changed the “V” line to become a horizontal line with rounded corners and the clasp was moved up a few centimeters.

Prada Cleo Bag Prada Cleo Bag - Spring/Summer 2021  Gucci Spring 2021 Gucci Spring/Summer 2021 

Celine 2021 Celine Spring/Summer 2021

Prada Spring 2021 Prada Spring/Summer 2021

 Off-White Spring 2021 Off-White Spring/Summer 2021


A large majority of the fashion houses were making the transition back to a solid thin leather strap. In years past we have seen so many flashy chain accessories, which are still beautiful and popular, but I was pleased to see this more sophisticated and clean look making it’s way back to the forefront in 2021.


After gathering inspiration from the Spring 2021 RTW shows I sent updated design sketches to my manufacturer in Milan.

I decided to eliminate the piping around the edges of the bag that has been a staple to all of the Vogelle Shoulder Bags so far. This design took more of the “A” approach to the outer assembly of the collection.

A Design Vogelle

B Design Vogelle Piping


While designing this collection, it was important to make sure that there were points of similarity from the Vogelle shoulder bags to this collection. After removing the piping, thinning the straps, and changing the leather, I went back to my original shoulder bag collection and found inspiration from other aspects of that design. The first prototype had absolutely no fluidity among the past Vogelle collections so I reintroduced the circular gold hardware. This brought back the classic Vogelle look to the sides of the bag.

Vogelle Amelia Side View

Vogelle Original Side View


Creating this collection has been such a long and rewarding process. These bags are the first completely new handbag design from Vogelle and I felt every need to make sure they were perfect. The Amelia bags are minimal, chic, versatile, and extremely well made. I am confident that you all will love these bags as we enter Spring/Summer of 2021! More colors, including black, will be available as we near the Fall/Winter months.


Thank you all for your never ending support and I am beyond excited to finally be sharing this new addition to the Vogelle line.



Laura xx

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