White Shoulder Bag - Winter Whites

With winter on the horizon and Memorial Day feeling like a distant memory, some of you may think it's time to put your white accessories in the back of your closet for a while.

Our answer to this - absolutely not.

White Shoulder Bag

After spending the past month in Milan, Italy, the fashion capital of the world, I can confirm that white handbags are completely IN.

White Shoulder Bag

Women around the city of all ages are wearing white shoulder bags, white crossbody bags, white bum bags, and more. They are even accompanying the look with a white scarf tied around their neck or hair. 

This is not an off-white trend, it's white!

Small White Crossbody Bag

White Crossbody & Messenger Bag in One! 30% off at checkout.

White Crossbody Bag Designer

With vintage and oversized jackets coming back in full swing, a minimal white bag is the perfect addition. 

White Shoulder Bag

White Shoulder Bag

Fashion is all about breaking the rules. Wear white all year long and look fabulous while doing it! 

Shop our White Shoulder Bags and Crossbody Bags and you'll be surprised how often you're wearing it. :) 


- Laura xx


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