The Shoulder Bag - A Reborn Staple

Shoulder bags are having quite the moment throughout the fashion industry. The shoulder bag is the bag that has been making regular appearances in your Instagram, Tumblr, and Pinterest feeds, and have been spotted on celebrities and influencers alike.
Pinterest Shoulder Bag 2
While living in Milan, Italy in 2019, it was hard to ignore how prominent the shoulder bag was becoming. Seeing the rise of the shoulder bag in one of the most fashion-centric cities is what motivated me to bring this style to the United States.
It's original shoulder bag introduction was when the Fendi baguette bag designed by Silvia Venturini Fendi back in 1997 hit the scene. Of course, the current Vogelle shoulder bag has a much different build, but the original shape and frame of any shoulder bag stems from the Fendi baguette bag.
Below is a photo of Priyanka Chopra carrying a Fendi baguette bag in New York City.
Priyanka Chopra Fendi
And we have one of my favorite influencer moguls, Danielle Bernstein, wearing a Fendi Baguette bag.
One of the first celebrities to show off the new minimalistic shoulder bag trend in 2019 was Kendall Jenner. 
Kendall Jenner Shoulder Bag
The Jenner and the Hadid girls were some of the early adapters to this reborn trend that inspired all of the designs at Vogelle.
Bella Hadid Shoulder Bag
Kylie Shoulder Bag
The shoulder bag style is slowly, but surely, developing its own aesthetic and is becoming a new staple in every woman's wardrobe. With the trend of hands free living on the rise, the shoulder bag will surely not be going away any time soon.
Pinterest Shoulder Bag 1
Style any of our bags with your entire wardrobe! From t-shirts and shorts, to blazers and suits, our classic and high quality shoulder bag is sure to elevate and compliment any outfit. 
Laura Vogel
Founder & Designer at Vogelle

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