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As you know, Milan, Italy is the heart and soul of Vogelle. It is where each piece of the collection is carefully handmade with genuine Italian leather. It is where I was overtaken with curiosity about the handbag industry and the artistic abilities that is only found in Italy. 
I lived in Milan, Italy from January to June of 2019 and embarked on one of the most enriching experiences of my life. I soon post another blog article solely about my handbag journey in Milan, but this post is dedicated to the city and my favorite places to see. It is impossible to encompass everything that Milan has to offer into one post, or even a handful of posts, because it is one of the most culturally and historically rich cities in the world and ridden with gorgeous boutiques, art galleries, museums, restaurants, bars, and more. 
I've tried my best to compile some of my must see's into the list below. Enjoyyy!
The Navigli Canals are located in the southwest side of the city below Porta Genova and Arco di Porta di Ticinese. There are two canals, but the longer and more west canal is where the action's at. People gather here starting at 5pm for aperitivo, which is an amazing Italian tradition that entails getting a drink, such as an aperol spritz, before a meal. This tradition has evolved and has become a mix of spritz's, wines, and tasting platters loaded with outstanding food. The food is very filling and tasty, so there is normally no need to go to another place for dinner. There is a flat rate for the night which includes one drink and unlimited access to the food bar. But of course, you can always add a second drink to the order ;) 
Some of my favorites along the canal are Spritz and Manhattan. It is one of my favorite neighborhoods I have ever visited in my life. I wish I could spend every night here on the canals. I actually lived on the south end of the canal for the entirety of my stay in 2019. The energy and buzz here is something that must be experienced to be understood. 
Navigli Milan - Handbags
All of the aperitivo restaurants are under the umbrellas on the left. The sun sets directly down the canal in February.
Navigli Darsena Milan - Handbags
Darsena Milan Navigli - Handbags
Milan Canal - Aperitivo Handbags
On the last Sunday of the month, there are vintage flea markets along the canal. Once the weather warms up, around April, I noticed that the flea markets happened every Saturday. I found vintage Gucci, Fendi, Versace, Levis, jewelry, photographs, and more. It is a shoppers paradise. Grab a drink after your shopping and relax next to the water.
The tents above are the flea markets. Such a gorgeous afternoon in Milano.
Sforza Castle Milan Italy
Sforza Castle Milan Italy
Sforza Castle Milan
Sforza Castle Milan Italy
Sforza Castle Park
Reading in Sforza Park Milan
I loved spending my afternoons reading in the park and taking in the scenery. You can enter the park through the castle, from the arch in the back, or from the sides. The park is very large and is in the northwest region of the city. It's impossible to miss on the map. There are amazing restaurants, rooftop bars, and nightclubs lining the park as well. It's the best place to go for a walk or read on a sunny afternoon.
The castle is a staple of Milan and is directly down the street from the Duomo. The castle itself is a museum and has artwork from Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci. Michelangelo's last work of art is in this castle and is incredible to see.
Last Supper Painting Milan Italy
The Last Supper painting is something you simply can not miss. This painting was done by Leonardo Da Vinci and was finished in 1498. The painting is fading and is extremely delicate. You have to schedule a tour with either the church or with an approved Italian third party tour company. I have seen this painting with the church and with Walks of Italy. The church that this iconic painting can be found in is called Santa Maria delle Grazie and is located a little bit south of the Sforza Castle.
Santa Maria Delle Grazie Milan
Above is the aforementioned church, Santa Maria delle Grazie.
Starbucks Milano
Starbucks Milano
Starbucks Milano
Starbucks Milano
I would always come here, grab a latte and read or work on my homework. The coffee is so much better here than at a normal Starbucks, in my opinion. It's such a gorgeous building and is full of coffee roasting experiences. They also have a much wider variety of food options from yogurt and fruit to pizza! Be sure to check out this spot on your next trip to Milan.
Milan Duomo Italy
Milan Duomo
Milan Duomo
The Duomo in Milan is absolutely jaw dropping. It took over 300 years to build and is still not fully complete. It is also said to have the most sculptures on it than any other building in the world. The inside of the church is stunning with dark stone and extremely high ceilings. It is also the fifth largest church in the world. It must be seen to be believed. You can also purchase tickets to walk along the roof of the church. I would recommend doing this in late Spring or Summer. The views of the city and the Alps from the rooftop is quite the experience. 
Milan Rooftop
There are SO many more things to do and see in Milan. I will have to follow this post up with a part two very soon! This is one of my favorite cities in the entire world and is the birthplace of Vogelle. I was so inspired by the hustle and bustle of Milan, the fashion scene, the Italian leather I saw in every store, and the art decorating the entire city. 
Ciao for now! 
-Laura xx

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